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Bespoke tailoring is a unique profession with a dedicated craftsman at its heart. The result is an exceptional set of garments, hand made with care by a highly skilled and disciplined individual. The process is extensive and a tailor loves their craft, which you will experience through the quality of your garments.


The bespoke process starts with a consultation to ascertain what you are looking for, and the best way to achieve it. This initial interaction is key to making the process enjoyable for you and efficient for me. In this first conversation, we will discuss cloth, lining, design components, functionality and your final expectations. I will take your measurements and advise on design aspects, but ultimately the final decisions are yours. There is also the possibility of having a bespoke lining designed and created just for you. Bespoke doesn't have to be all three pieces, you can choose one or more garment to be made perfectly for you.

  From the measurements I will create the first fitting, in which it is still possible to change your mind about some of the design aspects. In the first fitting you will put on the hand basted suit with some stock aspects to give an impression of the final look. This gives me an opportunity to make alterations and check you are comfortable in the garments, as well as help you to see how it will turn out and make your own judgements.

  If significant changes are made to the pattern a second fitting will be required before I make the suit to a final finish. Our last meeting will have you try on the suit to make sure you are satisfied before you take it away.

  Aftercare is just as important as making, so I am here with advice and information about making your suit look as good as possible for as long as possible, as well as being available for alterations should you require them in the lifetime of your suit. I will also keep your measurements, pattern and fitting notes forever, as from this point you are officially a client of mine and I will be available for any of your tailoring needs.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, the guide prices are not fixed.

Bespoke Price Guide:

Waistcoat: from £300

Trousers: from £350

Jacket: from £1,600

2-Piece: from £1,900

3-Piece: from £2,250

Day Dress: from £300

Evening Dress: from £650

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